The Chapter Titles Were So Good

a podular broadcast (or "pod cast") about the Harry Potter series

Episode edits

In a few cases, something we said has stuck out to us so much that we decided we were no longer comfortable having it in our show. So we made a few edits, which you can find listed here. For more info, click here.

TCTWSG 1.04 - The Keeper of the Keys
The last few seconds of the episode have been removed, deleting a portion of the conversation which we feel went too far in making light of rape and suicide.
TCTWSG 2.02 - Dobby’s Warning
Our discussion of race in the books has been somewhat abridged because parts of it were... not great.
TCTWSG 2.13 - The Very Secret Diary
Around 4:35, a portion of our conversation has been removed in which we briefly riff on the fact that the word “jape” rhymes with “rape”, because we thought it could be construed as making light of rape.