The Chapter Titles Were So Good

a podular broadcast (or "pod cast") about the Harry Potter series

Frequently Asked Questions

What are you going to do now that you're done with Deathly Hallows?

Nothing! The show's over. We finished what we set out to do--discussing the seven books of the Harry Potter series.

What about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child?

We think of that as a different thing, like the movies. It's the kind of thing we might conceivably do as a special, but it wouldn't be a full season.

Wait, will there be more specials?

No immediate plans, but maybe someday. Keep an eye on the social media channels.

I'm a new listener. Where should I start listening? Should I go back to the beginning?

We do a lot of inside jokes and references which might make more sense if you start at the beginning and work forward. However, over the four-and-a-half years we worked on this show, we got a lot better along the way, so if you start at the beginning you're not getting a great sense of how good our show is. So maybe you should listen to some later episodes to get a sense of whether you like the show or not, then go back to the beginning if you wanna. Also, if you look on our specials page, you'll find "Best Of" specials offering extremely abridged versions of our first three seasons.

What about the specials? Where do they fit in the listening order?

Wow, you're taking this pretty seriously, aren't you? I mean, that's cool. Here's a listening order for you. By no means should you feel obligated to follow this order, but it might help preserve the continuity of in-jokes.

Who does the voice that says the title of the chapter?

That's our boss, Henrietta Wordsworth.

Who does the music and sound stuff?

The Peter does most of that, and he edits the podcast too. Reggie does some of it too, on some of the specials.

Why is Regular Tom called 'Reggie'?

It's short for 'Regular'. We call him 'Regular Tom' to differentiate between him and 'Mr. Tom'.

Why is the show called The Chapter Titles Were So Good?

For one thing, it's true. For another, it's a line from a song Reggie wrote.

Why do you call Rowling Jo?

Rowling's first name is Joanne, and she goes by 'Jo' for short. In certain fandom circles it's long been customary to refer to her affectionately as 'Jo'.

I'm listening back to an old episode and something I swear used to be there isn't there anymore. Am I hallucinating? Am I gonna be okay?

Don't worry, you're probably fine. Yeah, we made some edits. Over the years we did this show we kind of grew and changed, like people do, and there's some stuff in our show that now seems... bad. In a few cases, something stuck out to us so much that we decided we were no longer comfortable having it in our show. So we made a few edits. There are probably a whole bunch of other things in out show's run that we'd never include if we were doing it now, but for the most part we want to preserve the show as it originally existed, so we're probably not going to mess with the archive any more than we have. If there's anything that comes off as insensitive or offensive, we're sorry! We mostly got better about that sort of thing over the years.

What's the deal with the movie discussions? Where's the second movie?

These were one-off specials. We only did the first, fourth, and third movies (in that order). There was never any specific plan to do more than that. In retrospect, maybe starting with the first one created some kind of false expectation? Oh well.

How did you guys meet?


Why do two episodes in the fourth book sound different?

Those two episodes were recorded live on location, with all three of us in the same room.

Why can't I see older episodes of your podcast in iTunes, through other podcatchers, or your rss feed?

Those episodes vanished from our feed for boring technical reasons, having to do with the way those episodes were originally hosted. For boring technical reasons, adding them back to our feed is not feasible. That's why this archive page exists and offers handy mass download options. Hope that helps!

How can I get in touch with you guys?

Email us at "tctwsg [at] [google's popular email service] [dot] com" without the spaces, obviously. Or you can reach out to us through our various social media presences.