The Chapter Titles Were So Good

a podular broadcast (or "pod cast") about the Harry Potter series

The Faculty and Staff

The Peter

The Peter didn't want to write a bio for himself, so here is some filler text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam sed tempor libero, sit amet interdum dolor. Pellentesque hendrerit sit amet lectus sit amet varius. Also, he edits the show.

Mr. Tom

Forged in the flames of the Department of English at a modestly respectable Catholic college in the Northeast, Mr. Tom strives to keep TCTWSG's literary analysis as intelligent as possible and its humor as dumb as possible. While not recording the podcast, Mr. Tom spends time in the workaday world, battling his neuroses and pretending to be a normal 'person'.

Regular Tom

Regular Tom won the distinguished superlative 'Least Intelligible' in the TCTWSG yearbook. He lives in the United States, almost all the time. He likes dogs, cats, and rats, but not in that order. He found out about Harry Potter from the television, probably. He doesn’t remember. Reggie's greatest ambition is to find out how airplanes remain such a safe way to travel, yet such a source of anxiety.

Guest Lecturers, in order of appearance

David Q. Byrne

Laura Cato

Emily Carson

Kelly Dickinson

Henrietta Wordsworth

Chas Lilly

Ali Jardz

Margaret Kammer

Ryan Thompson


Sarah Mowrey

Jake Solyst

Chris Harcourt

Louis Mitas

Merlin Mann